I haven’t seen a Man Man crowd gathered during daylight hours since their hot and heavy Siren Festival set a few years back. There’s something to be said for prime people watching here on an early August evening: groups of kids painting each other’s faces with neon tribal stripes within the walls of an archaic, Greenpoint factory courtyard. It was so primal, so right. Philadelphia’s frenetic vaudevillian funsters’ Vans free show tonight had all of the same fervor as the last show we caught of theirs, when they headlined at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Openers Crystal Antlers had their own psych/punk jam fans, happy to be a part of the dedicated many who had come early to make sure to catch their organ-driven, trippy set, toasting the band’s new album, Two-Way Mirror, just released in July. One friend of ours stood stoic at side stage, watching the band’s fans’ constant group shake, and once in a while, nodding in enjoyment. Experiencing a band like Crystal Antlers, it’s hard not to be led on by the crowd’s sense of fury, seeing the five tear through their set with frontman Jonny Bell’s Morrison-esque growls and elongated notes. The hyper, jumping bean of a percussionist/back up singer, who goes by the perfect name of Sexual Chocolate, proved the one to watch tonight with his rallying, non-stop flailing moves and crashing beats.

Portland’s glam duo Glass Candy, Ida No and Johnny Jewel, were the nostalgic, dark electro bridge between the two acts, turning the hulking warehouse space into a Italo rave, their swarms of fans not giving a damn about the steamy air as soon as Jewel’s synths kicked in. No’s voice at times took on new wave disco highs, sounding then similar to Yasmine Kittles of Tearist, only then to plunge to a sultry purr, her diminutive frame and sweet white dress in direct contrast to her way of taking full command of a crowd, driving them to dance.