“I smell youth culture,” exclaimed a twenty-something friend, surprised at herself for enjoying last Sunday’s mosh-em-up Death Set show at Jelly NYC’s Rock Yard so much. The same can be said for this EP, though it slides in with a louche kind of bratty playfulness rather than any aggro skater nose-thumbing. “Telephone” opens the 5-track EP with a sing-song, retro Casio meets kids’ toy kind of sound, seemingly simple but chock full of sonic details. The vocals become more mumbling and blissfully casual in that MGMT way on the bouncy title track, topped with the sound of birds soaring. The EP progresses to a more punched up speed at midpoint on “Damn”, which teases with its catchy key phrase “I don’t care about anyone else I know”. “Happy Birthday Party” is just that, an addictive party tune that will rouse you to celebrate any occasion as if it’s your own, ‘cuz there’s always “time to get gnarly.” But it’s not just a boy’s club here. Emma, a girl, makes a guest vocal appearance on “Some Boys” with a short and sassy island-tinged, Best Coast-ish finale about all the kind of boys she meets, from those wanting to get in her pants to those who who want to hold her hand. Leave it to the kids to tell us what’s what. (Astralwerks) –MV