Baskerville Police Dog, photo by Yohan Forbes

As British politicians begin squabbling in earnest about who’s at fault for the cancelled vacations, articles like this one in the NY Times will begin to appear. The story title: “Britain Charges 16-Year-Old with Murder in Riots” is only explained in a short violent paragraph, the rest of the article is given to the current rhetoric of Mr. Cameron vs Mr. Miliband. Mr. Cameron is of the party to: let’s hire a super duper cop and erect fences around all of the poor neighborhoods and maybe humans will become sterile but on the upside perhaps we can charge film studios money for using London as a set for their upcoming apocalyptic movies.

Mr. Miliband seems to be interested in, of course, opposing his political opponent, but also arguing that perhaps if there were a few jobs that would occupy those who are otherwise jobless and in need of an Xbox, then those individuals would be less likely to get out of the house after receiving a group BBM: “Ey, new kicks and no bobbies, meet in half”. Perhaps, Mr Miliband if you could send a couple of Moombaton and Dub Step producers with the good message of: “your government doesn’t hate you and you’re welcome to live here, really the government is not planning on shipping you out to Russia in exchange for a couple of more of their billionaires”.

Busted shoe store, photo by Yohan Forbes

It seems from the looks of the streets that there is enough destroyed property to fund a year’s worth of social programs except with simple approximate numbers and division it’s clear that not enough things have been destroyed to fund anything worthwhile.

Meanwhile the people on the streets are still coming to terms with what must feel, metaphysically, or physically as a blow to the head, the buzzing is slowly subsiding for most of the “lucky” ones. To comprehend some have been publishing what they’ve seen, like the photos taken for this post by Yohan Forbes who finishes his post with a mournful and understated message:

“How did we end up in this state? Simply put… no one heard or listened to each other, if we truly did, this would not be.

This blog post is dedicated to the victims of the English riots that took place during August 6th-10th 2011 ”

Photos by Yohan Forbes.