No, I’m not reviving that old end of the world horse just to ride it up and down a screaming apocalypse speech. Instead I’m referring to the still latest Salem video and remix of Britney Spear’s “Till The World Ends” which they’ve premiered together with lots of new audible goodies at a rather artfully infused party in a New York gallery earlier this summer. (And the earthquake)

That last party was all “super secret”, and on a Tuesday after midnight, at an art gallery that can neither confirm nor deny that it exists. This Friday the gang is back for a Spencer Sweeney hosted party called Spencer’s Gifts (not to be confused with Spencer Gifts the gag peddling store), this party is together with Main Attrakionz (very exciting) and Ghe20 Goth1K (ditto) and will you just look at that adorable flier from the event page:

Things I love about this flier:

1. Spencer Sweeney is a pretty outstanding artist and so this flier is just so much tongue in cheek.
2. I’ve felt the earthquake in New York which is pretty major because now it will all be: “Where were you during the earthquake”, and I’ll say I was staring at some child’s paint flier until I felt the earth shake.
3. There is an open bar with Reyka vodka from 10-11pm (not flier related, just saying).

This event is also the after party for Main Attrakionz who are performing at the New Museum earlier in the day, so if you want to catch these “bedroom rappers” (I swear I saw them being called that in a publication) twice you go do that. Get your ticket pre-sales here and keep up with the news here.