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Late Guest at the Party’s ‘You Make Me Nervous’, DJ Teenwolf Remix for a Friday Morning

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So what if Interview beat us as the first to premiere this track? Late Guest at the Party’s ‘You Make Me Nervous’ is a lot bit dancey, a little bit Britpop and definitely unpredictable and ridiculously fun…

30 Sep 2011 | More

Anika Live at Le Poisson Rouge, NYC, 9.28.11

Anika appeared before her rapt audience, bathed in lights that seemed a touch too bright for the no wave chill she conjured along with her band, (which feature the rhythm section of BEAK>, and an added guitarist and keyboardist).

29 Sep 2011 | More

Psychic Dancehall Releases ‘Dreamers’ Debut

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What moody, sweet songs they make. Psychic Dancehall, the duo which promises that it’s “not a rock band”, are lovers Dorian Wartime and Sylvia Innocent, who met in 2006 and immediately took an apartment in San Diego together to create brooding music of “sonic honesty.”

28 Sep 2011 | More

Tom Vek: Never Mind the Grit Please

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Tom Vek was intentionally “missing” from the music world throughout his late twenties, dabbling in other pursuits and reading lots of books since his infectious 2005 debut We Have Sound. Now he’s back with Leisure Seizure, his lucky album number two, being released in the U.S. this month.

23 Sep 2011 | More

Chateau Marmont – ‘Receive and Follow’ a Little French Space Pop for a Friday Afternoon

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Lush, airy melodies, robotic voices and a splash of Fever Ray keys (you’ll hear the riff)… ease into the weekend …Read the Rest

23 Sep 2011 | More

Grieves – ‘Boogie Man’ Video Release

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We’re not so sure that the spooky references aren’t a nod to adult pill-fueled hallucinations, but the chill nature of this Grieves tune belies the eerie, unsettling “little devils”…

20 Sep 2011 | More

Zebra Baby – Williamsburg Fashion Weekend – 59Fifty

This is our first video post from Williamsburg Fashion Weekend and I don’t even feel like opining about it, Zebra Baby, it was perfect. In case you moved to New York from somewhere else meeting one of these girls should be your only goal, retaining their attention with your asinine dilemmas is not likely but, who knows, maybe something else will, just be interesting so they can write a lyric or a few off of you.

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What To Expect When You Are Expecting This Weekend

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We have a lot of fun things to do this weekend, you and I and everyone we know. A short run down then:

For all the details click on down and read all about it.

15 Sep 2011 | More

Salem – ‘King Night’ Video

In the brand new video for “King Night”, the main protagonist is an 18-wheel semi truck (herein known as Truck). While this may trigger, in some, a Steven King-inspired fear of inanimate, rebellious vehicles, this protagonist is perfect for this song, perhaps even a bit as an embodiment of “Salem — the phenomenon”.

15 Sep 2011 | More

Enter the ‘Drive’ Film Contest This Weekend

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Drive opens in theaters this Friday, September 16th and to celebrate, we’re doing a weekend giveaway. Your own driving moments will be much more slick when you are the lucky winner…

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