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XL Records Giving Away Vinyl Today, Like There Is No Tomorrow

XL Records decided to do something entirely un-digital: they’re giving away actual vinyl that they will actually ship to your home/bunker/office/card board box. On the vinyl is a mix of artists from their label, and it’s a good one, see for yourself:

8 Sep 2011 | More

Death Grips Go On Tour, Now You Know It

This latest Death Grips video is for “Known For It”, one of the more esoteric songs off of the Ex Military “mixtape”. This is something of a jazz-hip-punk blended concoction, it’s difficult to dance to, not a song you yell to, but both are possible with the right syncopated mind set.

Death Grips are also going on tour, hitting up Montreal, one city in Scotland that starts with the letter G, and a few dates in England

8 Sep 2011 | More