This Norwegian band isn’t content to slip a disc into a sleeve and slap on some clever artwork. Rather, they’ve published a heavily-illustrated hardcover book, with a one page story about puzzling the detective, to go along with their recent two-disc album. I’m happy to report, the music and the band, formed by a group of journalism students in 2003, lives up to their art. Dreamy post-rock guitars, violins and crisp high hats carry along the mysterious tale with songs as chapters, called Liars-esque things like “He can’t be dead, I got his autograph last week” or “I think E.T. is involved in my family.”

Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson’s vocals recall the sweetness of Death Cab for Cutie, airy song structures are loose but held together with well-placed falls and swells, and if you listen closely, there is a full imagination at work here and it’s worth paying attention to. Let’s hope it doesn’t take Youth Pictures another five years to release their next work. (How is Annie/Friend of Mine Records) –Selina S.

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