In the brand new video for “King Night”, the main protagonist is an 18-wheel semi truck (herein known as Truck). While this may trigger, in some, a Steven King-inspired fear of inanimate, rebellious vehicles, this protagonist is perfect for this song, perhaps even a bit as an embodiment of “Salem — the phenomenon”.

There is nothing more American than an 18-wheeler: America runs on them, how else are you going to get all the wonderful sweets, treats, imports and gifts from one end to the other? If you said airplane, you are banned from the Walmart of my thoughts. The roaring beasts split apart the night, covering every wakeful state, and so in this video, the Truck is an insomniac beast. And what does the Truck see? Well, America of course, the hooker in the parking lot, the odd accident (the odd, horrible accident), the biker gang, the teenager walking anywhere but the town they left, all of these are pitch perfect pictures of an America at night. Pitch perfect in its grumbling avoidance of the cities, pitch perfect in its thesis that Salem are an American phenomenon. In that respect, they are tentatively similar, (only in this strenuous point), to Insane Clown Posse, not being in need of a bright lights, big city approval.

Once past that dark in the night argument about the ferocious beasts on screen, it’s amusing to note the list of people who’ve worked on this video. All, of course, are from modest Midwestern towns in anonymous states, the initials of which people often can’t even decipher. Theo Wenner, the Director and Vito Schnabel the executive producer (and art throb according to the London Times), just regular good ol’ boys with a million+ google results. I would have laughed if Bobby Bukowski turned out to be the son of the poet, but the dates don’t match at all, he’s a long time cinematographer. Snark aside, Theo has probably been at every Salem performance in New York, so good on them, a group of New York City friends, to come up with a poignant and well shot interpretation for one of Salem’s most iconic songs.