When all of the waifs are exhausted and the D-list celebrities are anxiously imitating lawn sprinklers while looking for the next handout, you know that you’ve either won the Hunger Games or it’s time for Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. It’s always the least hipster and the most hipster event to cap the end of New York Fashion week. (If you are curious about what caps the beginning of New York Fashion week imagine a much more stylish Human Centipede).

I’d strongly recommend perusing their website for info and links to all of the designers, a few are returning. I definitely recognize SDN (stands for Sarah Dixon Nova) always bringing stylish new tailoring for boys (and girls I believe), Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty has some dazzling colors for the next year (got to preview a few and he barely got them back), Alisha Trimble will be there with what is probably another jaw dropping lingerie line.

This event is both Friday night the 16th and then Saturday the 17th, both nights start at 9pm and the entertainment and jovial festivities go on until the 4 am booze mark.

Also on Friday is ANO, in case you haven’t heard inspired by Anna Wintour’s FNO, Malachy McCourt started Alcohol Night Out and the first step on that boat ride is this month’s installment of Rinsed at Public Assembly starting at 10, 10:30, 11, whenever you have time to stumble over really, it’ll be there, however the open bar (bloody screwdrivers, vodka) is from 10-11. Then The Young Friends play, then you dance (Blacky II and Dan Wender streaming the tunes), then you go woooooooo, then

Appa Day n Chiz Night are having an inaugural  party at 659 Flushing Ave, the place is nothing if not completely ripped from your dreams for a place for your punk shows, it’s got that unmistakable dingy feeling, if you need a comparison think Don Pedro’s of last year.

Saturday night is the second night of the event I mentioned in the first paragraph, if you don’t remember go read that again. Also on Saturday around 10PM is one of the last if not the very last event at Secret Project Robot, the years have been a dream. The event is Pendu Disco, brought to you by Todd Pendu of course, with the following bands:  Mother of Fire, GHXST (just back from le France), Raedelli and synth roll, HTRK. DJ sets by Thalia Mavros and Micki Pellerano both of whom are wonderful human beings who also have some great tunes to play for your pleasure or pain.

That’s it, I don’t have the energy for Sunday, maybe I can do one of those AP style placeholders here:

Fill Sunday with fun content Fill Sunday with fun content Fill Sunday with fun content Fill Sunday with fun content Fill Sunday with fun content Fill Sunday with fun content Fill Sunday with fun content Please help Please help Please help Please help Please help.