Not just a talented beat maker and collaborator Nico Haajen-Dazs also intuitively understands modern life and the purpose of twitter, these things still somewhat escape me but this is what I think the twitter bird was made for:!/Haajendazs/status/122072244326375424

Now, onto the music, the first track that we present here is called Piss this Piss Forever (with Mc Grizzz) , this here is post-modernism eating modernism, or Calvin pissing on Calvin pissing on Calvin metaphor on the back of the SUV called Earth. At about the 1.12-1.13 into the track Haajen-Dazs drops a ton of Tchaikovski sending shivers down spines, it’s beautiful.

Piss this Piss Forever by Haajen-Dazs

The second track is an instrumental called Flamingo Rd., it sounds like the Arabian sand dunes shifting and dancing, the biggest hour glass that’s been telling time before civilizations, even before Facebook.

Flamingo Rd. by Haajen-Dazs

Find more over on Haajen Dazs’s soundcloud.

Hat tip for this to Black Joe @jewishcocaine.