Again Into Eyes doesn’t mean to be a nostalgic album, but it can’t help it, given the deadpan, sexy funereal baritone of Thomas Cohen and S.C.U.M‘s celestial synths and titanic, psychedelic guitar leanings, all seemingly informed, (though not admittedly), by the best of the dark romantics, from Sisters of Mercy to Psych Furs to Death Cult and Echo and the Bunnymen and beyond.

“Faith Unfolds” and “Days Untrue” open the disc with an anthemic, uptempo fury. This is what I want to experience from this band. But when the molasses-slow “Cast Into Seasons” follows, almost too affected and painterly in its opium den seriousness, or some of the moodier songs on the latter half of the disc, like like the piano-laden “Paris”, slide through, the music loses some of my attention. Obviously, a one-note album, stocked only with dance heavies, wouldn’t be interesting either, but some of the melodramatic moments seem too studied.  “Summon the Sound” and “Amber Hands”, two more pummeling, sinister standouts, rise above the cinematic scrawl and prove S.C.U.M has the backbone of a great band in the making. (Mute)