Get down with The Occupation Party, presented by the Danger List folks with a swizzle hot flier made by Shepard Fairey. Now, some have noted that this is the first “big name artist” to get behind the Occupy Wall Street movement, I guess Russell “I’ll Clean It Up” Simmons doesn’t count:!/UncleRUSH/status/124681711643660290

Probably what’s meant is that Mr Fairey is the first, big name visual artist to get involved. I’m just going to point out that he was also involved in a little visual ditty for Barack Obama when he took some poor AP schmuck’s photo and applied the cartoon filter in Photoshop during the last election campaign.

This is going to be a big meet up and party at Times Square, which starts around 5PM for sundown. I think the organizers mean well, even if “party” is not something I’d personally start throwing around like the whole thing is a super bowl pre-game.

The whole Creator’s Project Sponsored By Intel and Brought To You By Vice Magazine ™(r) thing is taking over Dumbo (well, more like Dubbo) tomorrow. I’m still awaiting a pending investigation but the fact that Power House Books had an electrical fire and our office building was closed for a day this week means that this entire lineup is going to be a scorcher. We’re excited for A$AP Rocky and Casino Clams A.K.A Clams Casino. The Karen O opera-biopic-play “Stop The Virgens” at St. Anne’s Warehouse is delightfully dark, from what we hear. Walking around that neighborhood today, I could hear the sounds from almost every corner, strange for a party that has a random RSVP selection (not a first come first serve), but it’s probably because Vice learned everything it knows from porn and so are creating a version of “you can hear but you can not touch.” The second day, Sunday is dedicated to the art, films and presentation panels, a.k.a. the not so annoyingly crammed with juppies, nerdier day that you can enjoy after grabbing a nice hot chocolate at Almondine and maybe amble down the water front for a little reflection on the inspirations of the creator’s you just saw.

If you’d like to instead just go and simply hear some kick ass music and drink some Sailor Jerry rum and rejuvenate after your fight for freedom and against oppression, we suggest checking out Davila 666, Acid Baby Jesus, Sweet Tooth, Cassie Ramone and XRAY EYEBALLS. I just felt like capitalizing that last one, a little shout out there. This show was lovingly and carefully put together by Lady Bree, whose shows we always support because she will pour us a delicious glass of something every now and then and is a friend; there, total transparency in government and music business combined. Check out these punk boys and girls at Babycastles aka 285 Kent Ave, Brooklyn. As an aside, I have read part of a sentence that someone at the New York Times, the paper of misguided diamond acquisitions, wrote with presumably a straight face: “…Queens may not yet have the cachet of, say, Brooklyn…” That was a real part of a real sentence.