Creators Project, the fabulously well thought out partnership of art and commerce from Intel and Vice Magazine, went sprawling this year, taking over half of the Brooklyn Neighborhood of DUMBO and expanding to two days. Last year, the event took place at Milk Studios, a vast, multi-use building in the ball park of the MePa/Chelsea Gallery district. The wait for the elevators was a timeless exercise, the lines were intenstinal. This year, nothing of the sort, the sun was shining and the check-in lines moved quickly, no elevators in sight, though someone who lives in the neighborhood did remark that before the 11AM opening, there was indeed a long line of early bird concert goers, though since none of the music events were taking place until 2PM. Perhaps they were there for a lunch from Asia Dog or Brooklyn Oysters, or Motorino Pizza, some of the event’s food vendors which I will shill for in this sentence.

Creators Project is slowly angling to be something akin to the T.E.D conferences, the inclusion of more panels and talks this year (Sunday was dedicated to them) as well as the techno-centric focus on the art selection, Pong crossed with Foosball was an interactive crowd favorite, Kinect hacking taking center stage in another indicates that direction. However A$AP Rocky, Clams Casino, John Maus and Florence + the Machine taking various stages also guarantee the stoned gawky teenagers, accessory hipsters and general music loving crowds to be in attendance as well to balance out the tech feeling.

Photo by Brett Blatt

A$AP Rocky’s crew was, as I had expected them, finishing whatever was in their red plastic cups, exhaling smoke and rushing out on stage like charged particles released from a ray gun, bouncing, colliding, stage diving, getting undressed and rapping. There was definitely rapping, as well as singing, spitting, talking, whispering, even a bit of pleading in the beginning as A$AP had wondered as a disappointed coach would: “Why aren’t all you moving out there? I guess we gotta stage dive in the crowd and start some moshing, cause you gotta start moshing soon.” None of those were empty promises, of course. The crowd was a bit static, thought I’d pin that on the early hour (5PM) and general lack of social lubricants (there was a beer bar setup in one of the art galleries through a narrow door, that being the only social lubricant dispersal provided by the event near by this stage, additionally security did inquire as to the contents of everyone’s bags. Since my Occupy Wall Street propaganda nor my camera, nor the general junk in my bag was of any interest, I assume they were looking for the illicit booze). Pretty sure “Purple Swag” got played twice, pretty sure some blunts were passed around, a few from the crowd were enthusing their fucking heads of them, and within three songs ended up on stage. As the set was coming to a close, more and more people exchanged the stage for the audience pit and the pit for the stage, I followed out back stage after Clams Casino, who opened the set with his haunting track “I am God” among other solo tracks.

Easily the most poignant moment of the show was A$AP Rocky addressing the crowd as Purple People, i.e. not white, not black, “we’re all purple people”; a message of solidarity in all of our differences that I took with me to the Occupy Party in Times Square, where thousands of people were expressing similar beliefs.

Photos by Brett Blatt.