Afro Punk Is Death, Cerebral Ballzy, NinjaSonik Jersey Klan and Stack-Aly

Well that’s a contentious start to the CMJ (College Music Journal for those just joining us) 2011 in NYC: “Death to Hip-Hop”, an Afro Punk showcase featuring the young stars of the scene Cerebral Ballzy and Ninjasonik and the incredibly bad-ass, and basically founders of the “Punk scene” band Death. Apart from receiving the invite in my personal inbox, I’ve also had it forwarded by a few people with notes like “your thang”, now that may be well and full of good intention but I’d like to go on record that I do not literally support any death to Hip-Hop, so let’s remain a bit tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic and punk about the showcase’s title.

Above is from a live performance by Death, tracking down actual live footage of Death is a bit difficult as they’ve basically started punk before there was a word to describe it as punk so, an era before Vimeo was invented by some snotty kids. There is footage online from recent performances but it’s not as cool as seeing them live, so you can find it yourself later if you miss this show.

Now let’s get to the important part, the weather tonight promises to remain warm and clear so don whatever is ripped and mean looking and head to Music Hall of Williamsburg, the doors open at 8PM. It’s open to the CMJ badge holders or there is a ticketmaster page for $10 pre-sales or $12 at the door.

The line up is as follows:

Jerzey Klan
Cerebral Ballzy

DJ Stack-Aly

Here’s “Insufficient Fare” from Cerebral Ballzy to start you off (on your plan on how to get to tonight’s show):