Bleeding Knees Club’s Alex Wall has perfected the art of the sneer but it’s all in the name of good punk fun. Let’s say the band is updating fave 60′s rock classics with a California dreamin’-by-way-of-the-Gold-Coast trip for the teenager still lurking within us.

The Aussie duo’s songs are all about girls, cars, making out with girls in cars, girls’ eyes, and school dazed antics, but hey, we don’t need depth and meaning when a frontman has between-song banter this lively: “I’ve got sore hands… from masturbating!”, Wall says, bassist Jordane Malane silently snickering in response, as the drummer replies with a quick “Gnarly!” An intrepid photographer asks to get some shots on the back of the stage and Wall invites him up, only to back him into a corner with his guitar seconds later. “Sex on stage!”, one band member yells, Wall responding with “I’m not ashamed,” but I think I did see the photographer blush. How the slim-hipped Lissie Trullie followed after this, I’ll never know, since I had to fly.