“If you think we were loud and obnoxious before, you’re gonna hate this,” says singer/bassist Shaun Durkan before Weekend blasted into a new song, (“Hazel” perhaps), with all the sonic command and immediacy of hits off their Sports album. There were no haters in the room tonight, so Durkan’s comment was fairly amusing in light of the obvious crowd love. It’s just midway through CMJ 2011, but I dare to predict that this frenzied show will make top of my list.

The entire audience, from the most fragile looking girls to fey boys wearing glasses, got caught up in some old school moshing, kicking in from the band’s first note and never letting up. The band’s still a hair away from killing their instruments in that A Place to Bury Strangers’ way, or maybe they’re just too polite, but their screeching wall of sound fused with those non-stop, deliciously jugular melodies were vicious in the best sense. My perch on a bouncing side bench made for some ridiculous video, see below.