Every time I’ve been able to see Beacon play live they’ve surprised me with the variations they were able to pull off from their previous EP So Anxious. The background video of Justin Bieber doing “Hiel Bieber”, the perversions they’ve elicited from Katy Perry, the natural breathing vocals of Tom Mulaney and the endless rearrangements driven on stage by Jacob Gobsett, all have made my fickle heart warm and my ever wandering mind focused on their production and performances.

With that in mind I am thrilled about their new release “No Body”, and an intro video the group released to set stage for a thematic development in their story telling.

BEACON – No Body EP Trailer

Months ago, I’ve meant to put down a sentence to describe them that I never felt entirely comfortable with, but the phrase came up again and again in my mind while watched their performance, so I must reveal that Beacon is a boy band if one was started by Squarepusher and Aphex Twin as producers. Before you may bro-sephly point out something about that video for “Come to Daddy”, well here you go. I’m also going to respond apriori by saying that I don’t mean this literally, I mean this in a dio spiritus way. Their production is impeccable and the only qualms: it’s too clean or it’s too soft are resolved with their intense live acts, Jacob finds ways to pound on the equipment to give way to original combinations each time and Tom’s voice just drifts in and out from ethereal to psychotic depending on how he feels that particular day. Their music has been finding people and vice versa in an amalgamation of reaction to each other, a spontaneous social combustion.

My current favorite on the “No Body” album is the last, terminating song “Girl In A Coma”, that’s fit for a certain Pedro Almodovar film, which I urge you to listen to now:

The story as told by the songs on the “No Body” album is one that involves a progression of affairs from trepidation to false sense of confidence, love, trying crocodil, to lust, to dancing, and to emergency rooms. I might be reading it somewhat askew, but in general the tension of their setup and what I know about history as it’s expressed through feelings and drums, Beacon are laying out excellent lines to hang up our dirty laundry and drag the skeletons out to dance.

Check out the rest of the songs available now, and if you’re around New York the Beacon kids are a part of the BEMF (Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival) and playing next Friday 11/11/11 at Music Hall, super exciting and are also playing a show with Diamond Black Hearted Boy and DJ Heathered Pearls Glasslands on 11/15/11, super fucking exciting.

Top Beacon photo by Alyssa Kazew.

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