Our pal Marc Jason of Fostercare released a new video for his song “Low” and I’m very much in favor of watching this on the biggest available screen you have, if available power up a projector. The graphics are a great visualization of his fractured, multitudinous vision of the world. The music at first listen makes me execute a dance move akin to a spiraling ice-skater, except for I do it on top of a tub of actual ice cream (which I never eat because, come on psssh, then I’d tumble).

One of my favorite things about the video itself, apart from the very chill track, is that there are moments when Marc appears to be accessible and intimate, close enough to be surveyed and dissected and then — BOOM — the viewer is immersed in a Tron-like world overlaid with the visual symbols of violence of the internet. Some of the latter involved 3D graphics made by one DV Caputo, so cheers to DV as well.

While we’re on the topic of Fostercare’s work I’d greatly recommend watching and listening to “Burn This City”, Marc released the week before the London Sweat Pant Riots happened and when I asked him what he made of the coincidental events that followed, he replied slyly with “Just staying political”. Very little did either one of us know at the time how much more striking the sentiment would become by late August and onward as the events of Occupy Wall Street sparked the legitimate message of “What The Fuck?!” from citizens all over the world (this time finally and fully encompassing the sleepy Western societies) to, to well, everyone else. As far as a lot of stories from history go the term “burn this city” is equivalent to saying “rebuild it again”