According to ancient lore, a race of cephalopod humanoids have been enslaved by their two-armed humanoid brethren when Atlantis dried out and have been forced to hide their eight appendages, which only rarely appear in symbolic art. However on 11/11/11, they are converging their forces and declaring that all music will be electronic music and all will require at least 5 arms operating in sync to make. It just so happens that some of these über-talented individuals are throwing an introductory eat and dance festival on Brooklyn’s North 6th Street this Friday.

The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2011 will spread its synth wings beyond its usual Music Hall of Williamsburg and Public Assembly this year on November 11th and 12th, placing DJs and bands into more North 6th St. venues such as Cameo, The Cove and Zabloski’s, (which may be the first time this tried and true neighborhood bar has been deemed a music venue), as well as Brooklyn Bowl. Parked! Food Trucklot even has a hand in the festival this year and will be doling out edibles to keep you in the groove all night.

Girl in a Coma by beaconmusicnyc

Mouthful Of Diamonds (Michna Remix) by Michna

This year, some of our top picks are the “smallest print” bands on the bill such as Beacon, Doldrums, Decades and Michna, though we give full rein to stalwarts such as Daedelus, Four Tet, and the fabulously flamboyant Diamond Rings, who will be sure to get your glitter off with his punk pop riffs and starchild charisma. Darker, edgy beats from the likes of Kingdom, (whose Dreama EP is out Nov. 21), and Nguzunguzu will put us into our proper cave-dwelling state, while Fixed’s JDH and MeanRed heroes like Blacky II and Dan Wender have been making it rain blood on the dance floor for years.

Diamond Rings

Outtacontrol (Daedelus Remix) by Daedelus

What lies beyond (produced by BlackyII) by BlackyII

There still might be some of the two day $45 tickets left, or the single day $25 dollar ones, keep updated on the event page and the site; beg, pray and impress.