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What The Track? Hard Mix “I Wont Put Up/Trying to Be Rude”

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I Wont Put Up/Trying to Be Rude by Hard Mix

Hard Mix, or Noah as he is probably known to those around him in real life, premiered this single at the Dovecote (his record label) party Ye Olde Glasslands in Brooklyn during CMJ.

What can I say? Every time Noah, or Hard Mix as I imagine his parents call him after a long ago incident when three year old Noah made fun of the cake mix (made fun of it by calling it both a physically hard mixture and a very hard thing to mix) that his mom was making for the birthday party for Hard Mix Sr., stops up here in the village of New York (up from the magical mixing villages of South Carolina where the musician summers/winters) we get new dance-able thoughtful tracks. Works for me.

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Show Tonight: Nisennenmondai at DBA

Nisennenmondai are a trio of Japanese girls who ply their trade in an infectious brand of noise dance-rock and tonight …Read the Rest

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Beacon Decapitate Pop With: No Body

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Every time I’ve been able to see Beacon play live they’ve surprised me with the variations they were able to pull off from their previous EP So Anxious. The background video of Justin Bieber doing “Hiel Bieber”, the perversions they’ve elicited from Katy Perry, the natural breathing vocals of Tom Mulaney and the endless rearrangements driven on stage by Jacob Gobsett, all have made my fickle heart warm and my ever wandering mind focused on their production and performances.

With that in mind I am thrilled about their new release “No Body”, and an intro video the group released to set stage for a thematic development in their story telling.

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