Anomie Belle - 'Machine'

Initially inclined to describe this EP as genre-bending and, perhaps, even sire “torchstep” to describe the offerings, I thought better.  After my third spin of Anomie Belle’s latest, Machine, the more articulable moment surfaced: where the soulful meets the soulless.  Always striking first with a repetitive, minimalist production of questionable value, Anomie Belle’s timbre consistently weighs against with the regal and forbearing sadness of Patsy Cline.

Though the romanticized torch singer is a heavily-sought title for many contemporary female vocalists, few approach it through such an experimental lens.  Anomie Belle’s collaborative failures (see: Mr Lif’s verse on the title track) and weakness of production all seem to fall short of, or even complement, the strength of her uniquely apposed voice.  The sheerness of her lyrics brighten over her graveyard of auditory context, and by the end of the fifth track, the EP’s heterodoxy approaches a clarity―one that leaves us curious for what’s next.