Post-ABBA music history teaches that Swedish musicians take pop extremely seriously.  Miike Snow, following suit, released their 2009 self-titled rookie: the sincere singles were swallowed whole, lightening the vacuous caverns of primetime television soundtracks for Gossip Girl and the reboots of Melrose Place and 90210. The remixes that followed, some more refined than others, fizzled out by early 2010 and I never expected to hear from them again.  Their upcoming release (March 27), Happy To You, however, anticipates another Swedish pop tradition: prolificness.  The title seems a tongue-in-cheek nod to the ESL politeness of the towheaded nordic people that doesn’t match the sound their press describes as “haunting.”  I’m not sure the advanced single “Devil’s Work” was a spectral feat but, the production is nonetheless excellent and the appeal is to a more soft-spoken audience.  Perhaps they are trusting remixes to bring their sound back to the dance floors.

Give “Devil’s Work” a listen (and watch the “film accompaniment”):