Even though they will be sharing the hard-earned spot of the latest band to take stage, the tour poster gives me the inkling that Mastodon might be the slightly more bankable asset. If you want to familiarize yourself with Red Fang, stream here.

Unfortunately all of the alternating-headline glory belongs to those European fans who do metal (is that what this is?) so much better than us.  At least we get that it’s a little tongue-in-cheek!  And, hopefully that earns us a little whirl-about when they return:

12.31.11 Portland, OR
1.14.12 Stockholm
1.15.12 Oslo
1.16.12 Copenhagen
1.17.12 DEN, Aarhus Voxhall
1.18.12 GER, Bremen Tower
1.19.12 Brussels
1.2o.12 Paris
1.21.12 SPA, San Sebastian Mogambo
1.22.12 Lisbon
1.13.12 Madrid
1.24.12 Barcelona
1.25.12 FRA, Toulouse
1.26.12 Milan
1.27.12 Stuttgart
1.28.12 Zurich
1.29.12 Frankfurt
1.30.12 Munich
1.31.12 Berlin
2.1.12 GER, Osnabruck Bastard Club
2.2.12 Cologne
2.3.12 HOL, Tilburg 013
2.5.12 Bristol
2.6.12 Manchester
2.7.12 Glasgow
2.9.12 Norwich
2.10.12 Birmingham
2.11.12 London