A few weeks back we dropped CREEP’s Solaris-esque video for their latest track “Animal” (feat. Holly Miranda).  We just got word that the official remix by Modern Machines will be released with their single out in a couple days (January 17th).  The bigger news is that CREEP has announced a full-length.  Ever since I heard “Days” (feat. Romy xx) way back in 2010, I’ve been dying to hear what they’d sound like on a full-length.  These two have style and know-how without the attitude, and it seems like everyone is waiting in line to be their next guest vocalist.  They draw on a long history of pop and hip-hop to rework the sounds of New York’s dark synthy production, and I’m sure their upcoming work with the likes of Planningtorock and Andrew Wyatt will prove how big their impression has been globally.

Give a listen to Modern Machines’ intervention on “Animal” here: