Well, tonight in New York your answer to the headline question could actually be: my inner Skrillex is going to be actual Skrillex and I am going to Webster Hall around 6PM and sound check and the sound engineers will make sure the sounds drop at all the right frequencies and volumes. Then my inner Skrillex wearing a real Skrillex suit will probably head out to grab some dinner, maybe one of the Japanese places, like that one with the hidden entrance to an upstairs speakeasy, they have some great drinks there. “Oh, never mind it closed since the time I left on my tour”, you’d say and go to another place, maybe not as interesting, but the food is good to drop into the soy sauce and then pick it up slowly again and then drop it again. Then later at 9PM you will make your way back to Webster Hall and drop and pick up that beat over and over and over again, then drop it again and then pick it up and drop it some more. Everyone will love it.

If you are in a mindset that is almost entirely opposite to that described above, but you are not going to stay at home sipping a glass of mulled wine, wrapped in a wool blanket playing scrabble with your sweetie, you could take your inner Skrillex to the Brooklyn Bowl show with EULA, Lost Boy?, Gross Relations and Wild Yaks. The doors are always open for your inner Skrillex, the show starts around 8:30PM and will set you back $5, some dancing shoes and a few greenbacks for beer and snacks. Lady Bree who organized the show also helpfully sent along the approximate schedule, a very handy thing for busy Skrillexes:

8:30pm- Gross Relations
9:30pm- Lost Boy?
10:30pm- Wild Yaks
11:30pm- EULA

The first sentence using those band names that I came up with is: “You broke the EULA for your camcorder when you filmed that Lost Boy having Gross Relations with Wild Yaks”.

RSVP before you come for complimentary smiles and smiley compliments.

Eula – Fight Riff

And last but definitely not least this screenshot of a personal memento shared by the outer Skrillex is a great test for aptitude at distinguishing honesty from irony (of ┬ácourse as usual it’s really a sign of general informational confusion).