I am still burping up the delicious ginger puree used to make all of the cocktails I guzzled at last nights Bushmills Since Way Back party at the Wooly, hosted by Bon Iver.  What really peaked my interest about all this was not the open bar or broken French (I don’t think ever actually came), but that the party promised Elijah Wood (paired with Zach Cowie/Turquoise Wisdom) for a DJ set under the name “Wooden Wisdom.”

I texted myself “Stuck in the Middle With You” as a reference point for the type of music that was playing, but it’s hard to gauge the accuracy of that. The bigger point was that he was just playing his favorite tracks, which were neither brutally minimal house tracks nor dubstep remixes of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack (via gratuitous pigeon-holing).


Nice Media Girls

Mean Media Girls

Recently Resigned Digital Editor of Vanity Fair, Bennett Allen

The NeoBoHoChic Set

Wooden Wisdom Looking all Elijah with his Beats (via Guest of a Guest)

  1. Yum, muddled ginger! Did you see the eyes of Elijah?