The show at 285 Kent Ave, Brooklyn with Beige, Class Actress, Dog Leather and of course Pictureplane is sold out. It’s probably because of this awesome flier. Do you see where it says 8PM doors? That’s right, that’s the ingress and the time of ingress there. What can you do? You can read what Travis aka Pictureplane wrote about his experience in the farther stretches of Russia during his tour. It’s very entertaining. I hope there will be a lot of freaks at this thing, because you know, more fun.

This is definitely the weekend of sold out shows, tomorrow’s Tycho/Beacon show at Music Hall is also sold out too. Is every show going to be sold out now? Is this because Williamsburg is used as a verb now?

There is another show tonight, it’s at Santo’s which I can take or leave, their security department has TSA overtures. This one has Diamond Black Hearted Boy on the bill and he’s pretty much the best solo performer I’ve seen in ever. He bounces up and around from a place within his head and heart and it’s a really amazing raw performance. I remember the first time people asking me what drugs is he on, is he drunk, that sort of thing that people tend to assume first is responsible for an incredibly other-human performance. And the answer in this case, and often, is that no Chino the performer does not do partake in those substances. All man made raw energy. Of course yeah, Andrew WK is all energy too and he’s making a special flier worthy appearance at the club that he partially owns. This whole lineup is good actually. Though, no way to tell if it will be a 12-4am late thing or a 9-1am thing. You can probably call someone over at the theater if you care about timing things right, like your dinner or something.

Anyway, have fun!