Musicmetric of London sent us an early morning Monday message stating that they’ve handily put together stats on the online interest and response to Beastie Boys (RIP MCA) for the last week. Here’s the breakdown:
• File-sharing increase of 300%
• Reveals top 5 cities for file-sharers
• Online fans per day increased by 700%
• Online plays increased by 2000%
Musicmetric’s stats show how file-sharing has increased by 300% since Friday 4th May with the biggest spike in downloads occurring the day after Yauch’s death on Saturday 5th May.

Licensed to Ill, Beastie Boys’ debut album released in 1983, is the most popular among file-sharers. The top city for torrents is their hometown of New York with LA, Chicago, Philadelphia and Toronto making up the top five.

Similar spikes were seen across social networks with regards to numbers of online fans added per day (which increased by 700%)  and total online plays.