Brums and Drass and Blind Benny at Piano’s starts at 8:30, $8 Event Face Page

Brums and Drass is a project featuring Char Johnson who is one third of Zebra Baby, all zebra babies are our favorite. Here then tonight, at Piano’s Char will show off her excellent talent range with that beautiful ethereal vocal and synthier tunes thing. She can scare, soothe and educate you all in one go.

I’ve also been listening to Blind Benny and the lead of that act, Jade, is using this project to showcase her range with this ethereal pop crooning project between hip-hop acts. Umm, that sounds very very much like what Char Johnson is doing with Brums and Drass. And lo-and-behold Blind Benny is *also* playing at Piano’s tonight. Basically someone booked this show correctly, so get over there and sway and swoon and get your heart broken and filled in again.


Nihiti and many more at 285 Kent ave doors at 8PM, $10 Event Face Page

Apocalypsepunk piano act Nihiti is taking the stage at the perfectly air conditioned warehouse space at 285 Kent ave together with Oneirogen, Lorna Dune, Mark Verbos and Sycorax. Expect a lot of dark, expanding noise, satanism, ice cream, cold beer, warm people (I hope not the other way around), deep variations, progression, sex, magic and marker drawings.

Here’s a Psychic TV cover of The Orchids by Nihiti.

  1. [...] last we’ve heard and saw Blind Benny she was a part of an amazing line up with our friends Brums and Drass, both have thoughtful and considerate vocals over an almost [...]