The three sultry, Brooklyn sirens known as New Myths–singer/guitarist Britney Boras, drummer Rosie Glassman and bassist Marina Ross–just formed the band this year, but it seems it was always in their collective cards, since two of the ladies met way back in grade school and they’ve all had music in their blood since they were girls. Boras’ alluring, ethereal croon is the perfect match for the molten electro-pop beats and psychedelic guitar swirl conjured on New Myths recently-released, three-song EP.

In just under a year, the band has been hailed as one of the Best Emerging Artists (by the Deli Magazine).

What is your favorite venue/city to play?

Brit: I really enjoy performing in all kinds of venues, from larger established ones to smaller DIY places.  Mercury Lounge, Glasslands and Pianos have been some of my favorite NYC venues to play and see shows in, but I have fun playing anywhere as long as there’s a strong, energetic crowd.

Rosie: Of the smaller venues I’ve played, Piano’s is great. I love playing larger rooms though; Verizon Hall in Philly and the B.B. King’s main stage in Manhattan are always a blast.

What was the strangest/most interesting thing to happen to you as performers?

Marina: This 18-year-old kid came up to me after a show and said he’d go straight for me. He handed me his business card and told me I should consider it…Weird for me, but in the grand scheme of things, not so much. The business card was the game changer, really.

Rosie: I was on a gig with a college ensemble where Lou Reed, Philip Glass, and Sonic Youth were hanging out on one side of us, and a man in a nun’s habit accompanied by five girls in body paint were on the other. It was definitely a mixed bill, but it threw us head-first into the art-rock world.

If you could meet any musical hero living or dead, who would it be and what would you say to this person?

Brit: Michael Jackson – Thanks for being one of the most badass people in the world, and what actually happened during your lifetime that fans don’t know about?

Marina: I really would’ve liked to meet Janis Joplin and that whole crew. I feel like they would be something else. I think I’d also be pretty star struck by Jeff Magnum.

Rosie: I’m definitely with Brit on that one, but I would also love to just sit in a room and chat with John Lennon, George Harrison and Max Roach. They were all such amazing artists. I’d love to just pick their brains about a million different things.

Have you met any musical heroes and were they not what you expected?

Brit: I used to serve Björk coffee in the mornings when I was in high school. She was surprisingly super normal, not as out there as I would’ve expected!

Marina: I was supposed to meet Jack White after a Raconteurs show in Rhode Island, but he ended up refusing to see anyone and actually had already left the venue. So, he was pretty much exactly what I expected.

Rosie: I got a high-five from Paul McCartney and a chance to talk to his band a little bit while I was interning at a TV show. What a wonderful group of people!

What’s the hardest part about playing live?

Brit: The small amount of set up time before a show always seems to be the most stressful part for me.  There’s always that small chance your last cable went bad, or your amp decided to stop working on the way to the venue.  All those small, technological issues can get me a little stressed right before a show.  Once we start playing though, I’m having a blast and all the worries/stresses go away almost instantly.

Marina: I can’t recall any catastrophe’s or ongoing annoyances. I mean, I have played my fair share of train wrecks. But you put a smile on your face and enjoy the parts that don’t suck.

Rosie: Every show brings up different things to stress about, but that’s half the fun! You just have to roll with whatever issues come up and make the best of it.

What are you currently working on?

We just released our debut self-titled EP in March and now we’re playing live around New York City to promote it. The next show is Friday, June 15th at Piano’s with Tiny Victories and Seasick Mama. Besides live performances, we’re just writing a lot and getting more material ready to record again in the future.