SpaceGhostPurrp filled SOBs Tuesday night with a packed room of his closest friends and fans to celebrate his intoxicatingly trippy new album, Mysterious Phonk: Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp, with many members of his RVIDXR KLVN banding with him on the tight stage during his set.

Before doors opened, fans waited at least an hour around the block in the rain or under the dripping awnings that line “NYC’s largest nightclub”, (at least as SOBs deems it to be on their website). They were amazingly patient; maybe the ganja thickening the damp air helped.

The night flowed almost flawlessly, presented by the lovely Noizy Cricket!!, and with DJ Jena Red pumping out the tunes before and between sets. One-man opening act Despot, aka Alec Reinstein, the ginger-haired Queens rapper who also raps with Ratatat, kept things moving along with upbeat tempos and an almost ridiculous amount of horn sound effects, ending his fiery stint on stage tonight with a guest appearance by his pal Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire. Their matching dive into the crowd to end the set was a pretty fab finish.

Harlem’s stylin’ and blinged out king of luxury rap, none other than Vinny Cha$e, was up next, with much ado about Swag. Starting out as a hip hop video director and documentary film maker, Cha$e dove into making his own music in around 2008. His talent in visuals definitely lends him added flair as rapper. He’s ever the showman waving a blood red scarf, wrist decked in a diamond bracelet and with a heavy braided gold chain around his neck. Having his posse throw weed from a ziplock to fans decadently drove his point home.

SpaceGhostPurrp took over past midnight, with his ominous, trippy beats (from “Don’t Give a Damn”, etc.) coming through the speakers along with repeated, rapid fire gun shot sounds coloring the set on backing tracks. As is the de rigueur in hip hop these days, all his friends and photographers were invited up, so many that SGP was hard to spot but for his Oakland cap and black Danzig sweatshirt (nice choice!) peering out from the midst of the crew, coming to the forefront at choice times, like during obvious crowd favorite, “Suck a Dick”. SGP’s set definitely one-upped Cha$e’s show of luxe when dollar bills were thrown from the stage like the best kind of green confetti. Water tossed from bottles on the crowd wasn’t as delicious. However, it was an odd scenario for SpaceGhostPurrp to be so engulfed in his crowd since his album is so introspective and fiercely independent, all beats his own and with zero guest appearances. But there’s always strength in numbers when you’re starting out as a live act.

(video by National Dairy)