If a fabric sculpture wanted to entice a video of a changing Spanish landscape, what would it say?

Many Conversations, the official art exhibit of The Northside Festival 2012 curated by Peter Gynd and presented by Hypoallergenic, aimed to reveal the “formal and contextual relationships” that occur when artwork “converses” with artwork. The opening reception kicked off Northside’s three-day art celebration with an exhibit showcasing a varied selection of 26 burgeoning North Brooklyn artists working in diverse media at Present Co., a two-floor gallery space at 29 Wythe Avenue.


Fanny Allie, 
Orit Ben-Shitrit, 
Tom Bevan, 
James Dinerstein, 
Chris Fernald
, Ilene Godofsky, 
Rinat Hafizov, Jennifer Harris
, Tommy Kwak
, Matt Lambros, 
Kerry Law, 
Jon Lewis, 
Michelle Mackey, 
Pessi Margulies
, Warwick McLeod
, Chris Mottalini
, Kate Nielsen
, Gina Pollack, 
Dan Sabau, 
Suzanne Sattler, 
Sarah Sharp, Michiko Shimada
, Hannah Simmons, 
Elisabeth Smolarz, 
Janine Sopp
 and Lorene Taurerewa.