This caught my eye for two and a half reasons: (1) it did not get filtered out as spam because it did not contain the phrase “new fun indie band out of Austin,” (2) it’s about a protest (2.5) that does not brand itself as part of the “occupy” movement.  I didn’t know there were other protests happening, but indeed, nothing is being occupied here.  It is a donation-based show at a venue nearby (Human Resources) that no one will be trying to take over. Rather, they will use the money they collect to organize petitions and presentations to keep Walmart from expanding into LA’s Chinatown.  How novel.

Can we do this in New York? Would our local good-hearted goths come out and donate their song to the anti-corporatist movement? Would the donations matter or not really because no one knows a speech writer or lawyer to pay to organize a scathing local ousting of a corporation? Do people here donate money? I heard something like this happened in Williamsburg once, but it’s hard to imagine it happening again in the newest incarnation of Bloomburg’s Police State.  Quick, Starbucks, now’s your chance to make your move!

With all the excitement that raises my heart rate from its usual 90% of the max to 95% of the max, I thoroughly hope that Tearist’s Yasmine beats the hell out of someone with her gorgeous cavewoman instruments.