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Slug Guts – ‘Scum’

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Slug Guts, the Aussie band with the hard-to-swallow name and the twisted clash of drums against churning guitar riffs and sound o’ Hades has unleashed their latest video for “Scum”, which brings me back to a Birthday Party-driven Berlin, circa 1981, which I never knew, except in dreams.

27 Jul 2012 | More

‘Marina and Ulay’ from Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present (HBO Films); Your Morning Meditation

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Here’s a Baltic-tinged tremor of romance for your Monday morning, from the soundtrack ‘Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present,’ with score composed by Nathan Halpern. The film is showing on HBO this summer.

23 Jul 2012 | More

Trouble & Bass Vs. Pendu NYC Present: Deathface and White Ring, 7.20.12

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Dark versus dark, white nights are upon us, so put your dukes up! It’s Trouble & Bass versus Pendu NYC, teaming up to offer this fine Friday evening of stormy musical entertainment. White Ring are fresh off their latest U.S. tour, back in Brooklyn to share the stage with the borough’s own Deathface.  

19 Jul 2012 | More

Breton Get All Mixed Up With Lana Del Ray and D/R/U/G/S

Breton’s remix of Lana Del Ray’s National Anthem separates the vocals even further from the instrumental layer than the original. A visual analog would be a video of a ghost of Marilyn Monroe on Valium playing a Jackie O in a film that’s set in 1968-69, that is years after the event that finishes the stupendous, gorgeous original video. This remix could be the jump-off point for a sequel video where Lana is Princess Di being chased through the dark streets of London by Waka Flocka who happens to have a rooster in his ‘rari.

18 Jul 2012 | More

The Village Voice 4Knots Festival 2012: Blaze, Surf and Sound

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It’s pretty sweet when the easiest mode of transport to a seaside day of bands is by boat. Thanks to the East River Ferry, I arrived at The Village Voice’s 4Knots Music Festival in breezy style just as Hospitality was taking the main stage.

16 Jul 2012 | More

Storm the Bastille! Let’s Hear Some Video Love on July 14th

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Those guillotines did make quite a clang. ‘Le Bruit des Machines’, from Parisian duo Video Love, who recently played with EDH on her first North American tour in May.

14 Jul 2012 | More

22-Year-Old Wünderkind, Vessel, to Release ‘Order of Noise’ on Tri Angle Records September 24th

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Vessel, aka, 22-year-old electro producer and musician Sebastian Gainsborough, may be barely past drinking age, but has already been challenging people with his alien-sounding, tribal/techno sound through a a series of 12” releases…

11 Jul 2012 | More

Deerhoof Announce Fall North American Tour Starting in September

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San Francisco’s Deerhoof, call them what you will, whether it be experimental, cinematic, art/noise rock or just simply, massive, are playing coast to coast, from Washington, DC to Seattle and back, starting September 5th.

11 Jul 2012 | More

Teengirl Fantasy – End

The first released track off of the new Teengirl Fantasy album is called “End”. Very cute. The album “Tracer” is out on August 21st, that’s more than a month from now (pre-order it here) ! I’ll need another track before to keep myself freshly appraised.

While listening to it this afternoon I started to remember some of the sounds from musicians like Kruder & Dorfmeister (who are Austrian and where that name doesn’t evoke my Bevis & Butthead reaction) and maybe some of the less jazzier sounds from Gotan Projects.

10 Jul 2012 | More

Mr Motherfuckin’ eXquire Is On Tour

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The last time I saw Mr Motherfuckin’ eXquire live one of his cohorts poured a ping glassful of booze down …Read the Rest

6 Jul 2012 | More