Blind Benny Photo by Josh Baker

The last we’ve heard and saw Blind Benny she was a part of an amazing line up with our friends Brums and Drass, both have thoughtful and considerate vocals over an almost extinct wild flower of acoustic instruments. Both have range to go from the subtlety of a domino flick to a catapult through their projects (Zebra Baby is another one for Char Johnson of Brums and Drass and Jade for Blind Benny).

They sound like, like something I want to listen to right now, so here’s a video for Blind Benny’s “No Honor”. There are also some downloads and remixes over at Nicky Digital, ’cause that’s how he snaps now.

Upcoming Shows

Bowery Electric, Manhattan 7/21 9pm
Cameo, Brooklyn 8/7

Photo by Josh Baker.