Jansport Sketch by DewkiArt.tumblr.com

The way I stumbled upon the music of Jansport J deserves a short and self centered note: I woke up one day and found that in my head I kept hearing an extremely screwed (as in slowed down, you know) phrase “jaaaaaaaannnnnnspppppooooorttttt”. Being myself, I did nothing about this, so it’s playing there fine, probably from some song I heard had that as a sample, or a background. A few days passed and I of course realized that I definitely should look up what this could be, just to quiet down that pleasant but after a while repetitive motif. After getting past the usual cacophony that accompanies looking for a musician who borrows a name from a popular product I was really pleased to find Jansport J’s Soundcloud, here I’ll include what is currently my favorite production made by him (it actually is a sipping slow mix, so my original syrup screwed aural apparition was a total sign). For the rest of the listening you’ll have to do yourself and so go check out his bandcamp maybe buy some tracks, support the arts. He also has a real deal website for all of your web-sighting needs.

The sketch of Jansport above is by a fan Mark Torres, DewkiArt.tumblr.com is where that fan lives on the tubes.