Vessel, aka, 22-year-old electro producer and musician Sebastian Gainsborough of Bristol, UK, may be barely past drinking age in the U.S., but has already been challenging people with his alien-sounding, tribal/techno sound (with just the right amount of grit left in) through a a series of 12” releases on various underground labels. Order Of Noise, his debut album, will be released on September 24th, 2012 via Tri Angle Records.

Feel the noise now on this royally captivating track, “Court of Lions”:

Order of Noise Track List

01. Vizar

02. Stillborn Dub

03. Images Of Bodies

04. Silten

05. Lache

06. Aries

07. 2 Moon Dub

08. Scarletta

09. Plane Curves

10. Temples

11. Court Of Lions

12. Villaine