Wizards’ robes, golden turbans, elegant stallions and spooky laboratories, oh my! A Place To Bury Strangers have just released a new self-produced video for the singleĀ ”Leaving Tomorrow,” the third one off their latest full-length Worship. Being that this is a band that has a myriad of talents under their belts besides creating the ballsiest rock, the video was both filmed and performed by the dramatic band members themselves, and friend Sam Donahue.
The stark, hi-jinks-filled video for “Leaving Tomorrow” was filmed in both Central Park and the inner hallways of the band’s home base, Death By Audio, using iPhone’s 8mm App, and is based onĀ the short story “Katsu Gee” by Momo Fujiwara. Watch singer/guitarist Oliver Ackermann stalked and kidnapped by Robi Gonzalez’s wily Wizard, while bassist Dion Lunadon comes to the rescue in just the nick of time.