Like Metz’s relationship with noise, fellow Sub Pop virgin signees King Tuff are of the mustache-bred riff-rock ilk that will never go out of style. You know those assholes with their bowties and their 30′s-revolutions-with-a-metal-spoon faux gentlemen cocktail crap. No friends, three out of four of the members of King Tuff rolled onto the stage last night following their Canadian friends Metz sporting these warm gentile mustaches that only command the lips of an era of rock and whiskey that we all call classic these days, paying supreme homage to sun-soaked blues and truly, brother (or sister) just a damn chill time.
Why enigmatic frontman King Tuff, as he likes to be called, doesn’t follow lip hair suit is a mystery. Though we think it’s because he’s just too rad for it, on full display telling tales of seeing a moose en route to the show and just how “cute” it was, proceeding to dedicate a song to the creature, popping quick blistering solos for moose-horn effect. Tuff’s got a bratty voice, that he had all sorts of fun with, from “Keep on Moving” jangle-pop sentiments to dark comedy-laced bits in a Stones-ish tumbler dubbed “Freak When I’m Dead,” sucking on an inhaler in between takes.
Imagine him wailing out a line about “not caring what” his “grandma says,” nor his “momma,” or his “baby” ’cause duder, he’ll still be a “freak” when he’s “dead,” and things will start to make sense.
There are abrasive power noise bands and there is Metz – three dudes from Canada who mindfucked a packed Sub Pop showcase at the Knitting Factory last night on the third day of CMJ, all business, dialing their PA up to a hiss-able measure, frothing out a nightmare flash of feedback and blasting a wall of glorious sound; attack dogs behind an invisible fence. Just beer and hair and flashbulbs from there. But it wasn’t just noise. Bass, drums, guitar in synch with an inner Jesus and Mary Chain tone that will just destroy your will to stand still. They played this jam for their eponymous debut released this year dubbed “Get Off,” that is just one train of gnar worth throwing yourself in front of.
One of the three times biting frontman Alex Edkins took a moment to speak like a normal human being into the mic, there was a mention of the song being about having fun with your friends. And that’s just about all you need to know right there. If you don’t go see this band on their US tour right now, you suck, and you clearly don’t know how to have fun.