I keep thinking their name is The Cannabis because it’s written in a puffy, smoke-like font. But I digress… Sydney duo The Cannanes are by no means rock toddlers, having been delivering their “anorak pop” sound since 1985, but they are far from being stale rehashers of past work. There’s no throwing in the towel just yet. Their latest Small Batch EP coats your mind as comforting honey does a throat, with trumpet flourishes and a tinge of calming psych to open the 6-song disc on “Bumper“. They keep up the fresh pace throughout the EP, (their first release in 11 years),with songs ranging from jangly to post punk before traveling into post-trip hop terrain with sinewy tracks like “Molecule” and “Zone”. With all this musical dimension, no wonder why Kurt Cobain listed him among his favorite bands, as found in his posthumously-published journals. (exro.fm / Lamingtone) –MV