Go ahead, don your gilt-tooled masks. While you’re at it, fluff your cravats and smooth your satin gowns. Paint over your beauty marks with black hearts and dainty spades. It’s too early to put away your Mardi Gras finery just yet; The weekend has come for Williamsburg Fashion Weekend,in all the glory of its twelfth season.

On Friday, February 15th and Saturday, February 16th, creative dress is highly encouraged, since if you don’t break out your most awe-inspiring attire, you might feel underdressed when face to face with the visions of designers such as Uta Bekaia and Ideal Glass, whose “Purple Jester” performance will be sure to stir. With eleven emerging designers being shown in two nights of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend in its new space at 50 North 3rd St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and as always, hosted by fabulous founder Arthur Arbit, you have no excuse but to enchant amongst the enchanters. Doors at 8pm, show starts promptly at 9 both evenings. $10 pre-sale tix at the official event site or $15 at the door. Support the local creatives.

Video by Zabatay