The Northside Festival, sponsored by L Magazine, is now in its fifth year and will once again take on its Brooklyn stomping grounds from June 13-20th, 2013. Northside Festival takes place in venues throughout Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and as always, promises to deliver “what’s next” in music, film, and entrepreneurship. Besides its growing tech NExT (The Northside Entrepreneurship and Technology Expo) and strong film segments, Northside Festival will showcase nearly 350 bands – the ‘what’s next’ in music portion. As an added bonus, for the first time, the two McCarren Park concerts, on Saturday and Sunday, will be fully free. For the third year, Northside Festival is also partnering with Red Bull Creation, which will hold a national 72-hour themed innovation competition pitting six teams of makers, hackers and inventors against each other in a live-build format from June 12-16 at McCarren Park during NExT. Check for more info.

Along with the 6,000-capacity McCarren Park lot venue, there will be free music along with the art sponsored by the festival on Saturday afternoon, June 15th, during Williamsburg Walks on Bedford Avenue. For all the details on the NExT tech events, the film festival and the music showcases and free shows, as well as the Williamburg Walks, check out the Northside Festival’s official site here.