GHXST’s latest video, a self-shot and produced, stark California desert stunner from the Brooklyn doom rock trio featuring Shelley X, Chris Wild and Nathan La Guerra, further reveals the band’s strong core aesthetic, and their drive to make their music come even more alive through film. Last spring, the band headed out West for some songwriting inspiration and made the journey even more of a lasting one by traveling to the high desert to shoot their latest video for the exquisitely hard-driving and sensual song “Nowhere.”

Guitarist Chris Wild explains, “I wanted to take a songwriting trip to Los Angeles for a while, but Shelley had the idea that we should do our next video with just a car and a camera in the desert. We rented a Chevy and went out to Anza Borrego, Imperial dunes and the Kill Bill church in the high desert.” Singer/guitarist Shelley X adds, “There wasn’t really a script or treatment, we just improvised with what was there–like that vintage Benz we found by the side of the road, [that] ended up in a scene for the second verse. Also, there’s a scene we did last minute on Mulholland Drive, since it contrasted nicely with that final shot we did in the desert at night.”

This makes yet another GHXST video that features a car with its own dark “soul”, elevating it to almost another character, such as their 2012 video “Black Camaro.” Clearly this is a band who finds driving a form of release. And speaking of release, the song “Nowhere” is a guitar-on-fire, ferocious ball-buster of a song, though the band has only just added it to their live repertoire.  Shelley X says, “It’s one of the heavier and more intricate songs in the set, but can be really dynamic when we get it right.”