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Is Today The Day We Occupied The City?

Sure looks like it.

15 Oct 2011 | More

Of Mice and Predatory Lending, and Failed Regulations, and Men

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The echo from the sound bouncing off of the courthouse across the street made locating the speaker difficult for most, as thousands of people moved around Foley Square. At first look, there were almost as many causes as there were people, as it should be. Some were personal: “I lost my scholarship because I smoke cannabis”, advocating either legalization of marijuana or less stringent rules placed on retaining a scholarship; the advocate was wearing a worn in, pin stripe suit.

There were brass bands appearing suddenly in the few open spaces between the protesters, rousing their surroundings with sudden chants and then moving off with osmosis into another corner of the park. Further along, there were many more serious groups, “No Human Is Illegal”, “Citigroup — Fraud”, “Shelters for people with AIDS not tax shelters”, a sea of Transit Worker’s Union signs who among with a myriad other unions have buoyed or rose together with the Occupy Wall Street protest…

6 Oct 2011 | More

The London ‘Game Center’ Riots

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As British politicians begin squabbling in earnest about who’s at fault for the cancelled vacations, articles like this one in the NY Times will begin to appear.

Meanwhile the people on the streets are still coming to terms with what must feel, metaphysically, or really as a blow to the head, the buzzing is slowly subsiding for most of the “lucky” ones. To comprehend some have been writing about what they’ve seen, like this photos essay by Yohan Forbes.

16 Aug 2011 | More

Aaron Young at Bortolami

“…asshole” hissed the woman toward our backs as we’ve exited the area marked for VIPs, marked with nothing but her insinuation that it was just such an area and we were violating the boundaries, which were, just moments ago a part of the exhibition, judging by the casual inflow and outflow of people attending the Aaron Young opening at Bortolami

8 May 2011 | More

Test Driving ‘The Wrong Ferarri’

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McCaulay Culkin was going upstairs to the theater carrying a glass of champagne, so I followed him. What would you do? If this was a make your own adventure novel, this page would only have one option: you follow McCaulay Culkin upstairs to the movie theater. There, most of the cast of The Wrong Ferarri were near their seats.

14 Apr 2011 | More


Bushmills Party at Bunker: Since Way Back with S. Carey, S’mores and more, November 8, 2010

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10 Nov 2010

Rubulad: Put a Hat on it and Call it a Hat

17 Apr 2010

Curling Up: Taking a Snail’s Pace with Sport

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23 Feb 2010

The Light Battle: Olafur Eliasson vs. Banks Violette

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23 Feb 2010

Wired Magazine Pop-up Shop: Pop This Balloon

3 Dec 2009


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12 Mar 2011
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S!CK: White Ring, Von Haze, Blissed Out, Pictureplane and Shams (and More) at Santo’s

10 Feb 2011
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Happy Thanksgiving: These 3 Spend Their Money Wisely

25 Nov 2010
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This Dark Future Makes Her Wet: A Diatribe on The Occult

17 Nov 2010