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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Gets Festive : A Holiday Pop-Up

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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is being very celebratory about the holidays this year. Last Saturday marked the release of their 2nd magazine issue.  The issue, which was holiday themed, was given out at their Winter Bawl, held at creator of WFW Arthur Arbit’s painting-filled loft. Photos from the event appear around this post for your voyeuristic enjoyment (or tag yourself proud if you’re in them).

The magazine was available in print at the event. It’s now available to read up on the web.  This issue focuses on, in addition to showcasing local talent, the need to restructure the fashion industry, and does so by featuring stories on a local factory and manufacturing. The magazine also offers a detailed shopping guide and map of where to shop locally for the holidays. It will also be available in print form at the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Holiday Market this upcoming weekend, December 15th and 16th.

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Ruppert and Mulot 101: Barrel of Monkeys

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On Friday, November 9th from 7-10 there was a reception at Wayfarers Gallery entitled Ruppert and Mulot 101Florent Ruppert (b. 1979) and Jérôme Mulot (b. 1981) are French artists known internationally for their dark humored comics.  The exhibit marked the publication of their first book in English, Barrel of Monkeys (Rebus Books). It was curated by Bill Kartalopoulos. I asked Bill about the Ruppert and Mulot.

Q: tell me about Ruppert and Mulot’s dark sense of humor?

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The Holy State of Comics: Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival

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Cartoonists in a church. All hail the fun that is the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival! Last Saturday, the main event of the festival, ( free to the public), was held at Williamsburg’s Lady of Mount Carmel Church, overflowing with toon aficionados.

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‘You Don’t Own Me’ Video to Remind Us that Voting Empowers Us All

Whether it’s Alexa Chung our our neighbor Brooke and her daughter Ada, the women in this video are reminding you to stand up and make the right choice and vote on November 6th.

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Video: How The Modeling Sausage Is Made

This video shows a brief glimpse into a model human trafficking casting call in a small town in Siberia. The documentary is edited like a hilarious silent film with caption cards explaining the background, one helpfully explains that casting calls take place in towns that are close to the trans-Siberian railroad, I assume this has to do with an easier commute for the “talent” scouts.

The gist of this process is explained on camera by a Russian man in a dark suit who says: “I like them to be 13 because they are easy to command, when they are 16-18 they start having ideas of their own”. This is my new thing to say about everything that doesn’t go my way now. Someone bumps me on the subway? “I liked you when you were 13 and were easy to command!” A waiter brings the wrong order? “I LIKED YOU WHEN YOU WERE 13 AND WERE EASY TO COMMAND!” etc. This along with “sorry, I forgot you were a cunt“: mantras for life.

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Suzanne Rae Fall/Winter 2013: Monastic Aesthetic and Linear Silhouettes at The Philippine Center, 2.16.13

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8 Feb 2013

Bushmills Party at Bunker: Since Way Back with S. Carey, S’mores and more, November 8, 2010

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10 Nov 2010

Rubulad: Put a Hat on it and Call it a Hat

17 Apr 2010

Curling Up: Taking a Snail’s Pace with Sport

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23 Feb 2010

The Light Battle: Olafur Eliasson vs. Banks Violette

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23 Feb 2010


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12 Mar 2011
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S!CK: White Ring, Von Haze, Blissed Out, Pictureplane and Shams (and More) at Santo’s

10 Feb 2011
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Happy Thanksgiving: These 3 Spend Their Money Wisely

25 Nov 2010
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This Dark Future Makes Her Wet: A Diatribe on The Occult

17 Nov 2010