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Create the Space and Then Fill it–An Interview with Musician and Sculptor Ellen Fullman

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I first witnessed Ellen Fullman perform in the cavernous Yale Union Laundry Building in Portland, Oregon. Built in the early twentieth century to house industrial power laundry systems, the vaulted ceilings and large windows were designed to admit light and to release heat and steam. In its current form, the space feels like a minimalist, urban cathedral.

7 Aug 2013 | More

Ruppert and Mulot 101: Barrel of Monkeys

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On Friday, November 9th from 7-10 there was a reception at Wayfarers Gallery entitled Ruppert and Mulot 101Florent Ruppert (b. 1979) and Jérôme Mulot (b. 1981) are French artists known internationally for their dark humored comics.  The exhibit marked the publication of their first book in English, Barrel of Monkeys (Rebus Books). It was curated by Bill Kartalopoulos. I asked Bill about the Ruppert and Mulot.

Q: tell me about Ruppert and Mulot’s dark sense of humor?

26 Nov 2012 | More

The Holy State of Comics: Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival

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Cartoonists in a church. All hail the fun that is the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival! Last Saturday, the main event of the festival, ( free to the public), was held at Williamsburg’s Lady of Mount Carmel Church, overflowing with toon aficionados.

14 Nov 2012 | More

Pussy Riot Actions today, Ace Hotel’s Liberty Hall Reading Last Night

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Pussy Riot March on Madison from 91st Consulate to 46nd / Broadway street rally today.

17 Aug 2012 | More

Pussy Riot Action in NYC Tonight

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It’s the evening before Pussy Riot’s final verdict so let’s show our solidarity for the three detained women in Moscow: Maria Alekhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Ekaterina Samucevich of Pussy Riot. Tonight, Thursday, August 16th at 7:30pm, the Moscow trio’s courtroom statements will be read for the public…

16 Aug 2012 | More

Adam Green’s ‘Cartoon and Complaint’ at the Intercourse Art Gallery, Through July 10th

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Adam Green has expanded on his other career, his oeuvre of painting/drawing and papier maché, building on his personal set of symbols to take his art to the next level with a reductionist palette of wines and “bruises”, partly inspired by Georges Rouault, tarot and tribal art.

3 Jul 2012 | More

Café Class on Bedford Ave at Williamsburg Walks, Northside Festival 2012

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Northside Festival 2012 took the art to the streets and turned Bedford Avenue into a quaint, wine sipping, Euro Cup viewing, art splashing, book lending, bride and groom strolling, grass laden street, along with a gypsy band, sweet puppies and a synth pop trio in tow…

22 Jun 2012 | More

Many Conversations Group Art Show: Between a Bang and a Whisper for Northside Festival 2012

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If a fabric sculpture wanted to entice a video of a changing Spanish landscape, what would it say?
Many Conversations, the official art exhibit of The Northside Festival 2012 curated by Peter Gynd and presented by Hypoallergenic, aimed to reveal the “formal and contextual relationships” that occur when artwork “converses” with artwork.

19 Jun 2012 | More

Tempers x Ark Codex Secret Show (with Shitty Photos!)

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Coming up fast on the recent cellphone shots taken at Bushmill’s party featuring Elijah Wood’s DJ sets, the main players of Sentimentalist set out for even more low-grade photos. Ahem. Tempers, a New York-via-London set with a smooth, gothy, S&M vibe, played Calamari Press’ release of their latest art book, ARK CODEX. There was also a chance to pick up Chiara Barzini’s latest publication, Sister Stop Breathing.

5 Mar 2012 | 2 comments | More

Aaron Young at Bortolami

“…asshole” hissed the woman toward our backs as we’ve exited the area marked for VIPs, marked with nothing but her insinuation that it was just such an area and we were violating the boundaries, which were, just moments ago a part of the exhibition, judging by the casual inflow and outflow of people attending the Aaron Young opening at Bortolami

8 May 2011 | More