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Ex-Pistol Redefines His Public Image

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I interviewed John Lydon 2 days before he kicked off his US tour for Public Image Ltd (PiL), a tour that was set to begin in Orlando. “I don’t like Orlando, there is nothing to do,” he told me, “And Disneyland is hardly my universe.” Well that’s for sure, especially after he told me his Goofy-assaulting story from 25 years ago.

4 Oct 2012 | More

Adam Green’s ‘Cartoon and Complaint’ at the Intercourse Art Gallery, Through July 10th

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Adam Green has expanded on his other career, his oeuvre of painting/drawing and papier maché, building on his personal set of symbols to take his art to the next level with a reductionist palette of wines and “bruises”, partly inspired by Georges Rouault, tarot and tribal art.

3 Jul 2012 | More

The Sweet Plush Pop of Rinat Shingareev

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Some of these figures inspire fear and bemusement, they also instill calm with their presence and amuse us with their behavior. Through the eyes of Rinat they are friends to celebrate, understand and use for pop-iconographic work.

17 Mar 2010 | More

Human Giant: Whacking the Standards and Chasing Philip Seymour Hoffman

I’m sitting in the Human Giant office in New York City on a couch strewn with winter coats, and below a poster of the Kate Hudson-Matthew McConaughey movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. This is going to get a little crazy.

11 Mar 2008 | 8 comments | More