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Video for a Friday: Clytem Scanning “In Between her Legs”

Is it too long? Too Short? Too twee? Not twee enough? Is someone jumping off of this bridge?

12 Nov 2010 | More
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Bushmills Party at Bunker: Since Way Back with S. Carey, S’mores and more, November 8, 2010

The subterranean room was already packed by 9pm with thirsty revelers sampling cocktails such as Bushmills and Ginger or proper Old-Fashioneds and nibbling on sliders, fries, Bushmills birthday cake and s’mores.

10 Nov 2010 | 1 comment | More
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Mick Rock “Exposed” at Morrison Hotel Gallery Opens to Thirsty Hordes of Rock Fans and Adam Green Performs

Mick Rock’s show of photographs, “Exposed”, and book launch, presented by Creem Magazine with Russian Standard Vodka, opened this week …Read the Rest

28 Oct 2010 | More
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Inspirations from Jellyfish to Kerouac for Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week Kickoff at Milk

The silent majesty of the jellyfish has to be the one of the most striking of inspirations we came across in the first round of spring/summer 2011 fashion presentations today at Milk Studios. Mandy Coon’s models, with faces radiating an underwater, luminous glow…

10 Sep 2010 | More
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Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks at the John Varvatos Store, NYC, 05.06.10

My second glam-rock show of the year, and who other than Michael Monroe, once the Hanoi Rocks frontman, as the perfect entertainer to grace the toy-sized stage at John Varvatos? Yes, the John Varvatos store on Bowery, which makes sense in a way, since the space was once home to the famed CBGBs.

8 May 2010 | 1 comment | More
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Slow Fashion and Eco Chic: A Night at Scandinavia House

Opening at New York’s Scandinavia House on May 5 is the Swedish Institute’s fashion-centered exhibition, Eco Chic: Towards Sustainable Fashion. This traveling exhibition (stops so far have included Berlin, Kiev and Istanbul) aims to raise awareness of the destructiveness of the current textile industry while educating consumers on more eco-friendly alternatives.

5 May 2010 | More
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Rubulad: Put a Hat on it and Call it a Hat

Rubulad had entered me about ten years ago,  I was underage and there were signs for absinthe. There was also …Read the Rest

17 Apr 2010 | More
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Williamsburg Walks: How Your (Parrot) Sausage Gets Made

The fascinating thing about newspapers is that they all lie; the good ones, however, do it only when it matters. …Read the Rest

8 Apr 2010 | More
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The Sweet Plush Pop of Rinat Shingareev

Some of these figures inspire fear and bemusement, they also instill calm with their presence and amuse us with their behavior. Through the eyes of Rinat they are friends to celebrate, understand and use for pop-iconographic work.

17 Mar 2010 | More
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My Valentine’s Day With Ms. Wintour

On the Sunday of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2010, I stood in line like Anna Wintour, yet unlike her, I kept standing in line and my line was for the standing room, so I was just standing to stand. I couldn’t stand it anymore.

23 Feb 2010 | More