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Bushmills Party at Bunker: Since Way Back with S. Carey, S’mores and more, November 8, 2010

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The subterranean room was already packed by 9pm with thirsty revelers sampling cocktails such as Bushmills and Ginger or proper Old-Fashioneds and nibbling on sliders, fries, Bushmills birthday cake and s’mores.

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Rubulad: Put a Hat on it and Call it a Hat

Rubulad had entered me about ten years ago,  I was underage and there were signs for absinthe. There was also …Read the Rest

17 Apr 2010 | More

Curling Up: Taking a Snail’s Pace with Sport

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Because most of us “non-olympians” are slow like the sloths and are frightened by the fast monsters on sleds and beasts on super rocket skis, we like curling. The beasts and monsters may be handsome and all, but too toothy, and in this “fight or flight” universe we would rather not…

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The Light Battle: Olafur Eliasson vs. Banks Violette

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For an artist there’s nothing more important than being chosen by the ruling dynasty of a dominion. The current in …Read the Rest

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Wired Magazine Pop-up Shop: Pop This Balloon

We manifested today at the Wired magazine’s pop-up shop in the Meatpacking district, hoping to catch a glimpse of some …Read the Rest

3 Dec 2009 | More

Hug A Dancing Tank?: Redas Dirzys and Martin Zet, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY, 10.09.09

I’ll get the positives out of the way. The Grace Exhibition Space is worth paying attention to: the owner is …Read the Rest

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Lebowski Fest Abides in Manhattan at Lucky Strike

The Lebowski Fest, now in its eighth year, rolled into New York City this week. Following on from the movie screening at Terminal 5 Tuesday night, your intrepid reporter paid the bowling party at Lucky Strike (42nd St. & 11th ave) a visit last night. The White Russian’s and oat sodas were flowing, the hardcore were testing their skills against fellow “achievers” in the annual quiz, and there was bowling. Lots and lots of bowling.

24 Sep 2009 | More

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend @ Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY, 2.20.09 and 2.21.09

The shows took place at the beginning and the end of the world, on Kent Avenue in Brooklyn at Glasslands, …Read the Rest

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Joy Division (2007): DVD/Screening Review

This review is not about a rockumentary or film, or a fade-in caught on celluloid. These words, instead, are about a t-shirt that should have never existed. The film starts with collaged montages of Manchester and a voice over that declares (roughly): “This film is not about a band or a group of people, but a city that once created the greatest revolution of Western society, then came back and created a bigger revolution…”

5 Jul 2008 | More

NYLON Magazine with The Kills at Bowery Ballroom, NYC, 02.11.08

Dressed in an animal print shirt and roughed-up gold boots, Alison Mosshart (V.V.) of London band The Kills prowls the …Read the Rest

12 Feb 2008 | 1 comment | More