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Emiliana Torrini – ‘Tookah’

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It’s been four long years since Emiliana Torrini’s splendid Fisherman’s Woman and an amazing five since the catchier, jubilantly sensual Me and Armini. There may be quite a gap in releases, but Emiliana has had time to stew, so to speak, and brings it on with her latest cornucopia of songs. This new album, Tookah, a name that means the “inner good and bad balanced”, a veritable baby if you will, is apropos

12 Sep 2013 | More

Zomby – ‘With Love’

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Zomby has moved past the bleakest overtones of his last CD, 2011′s ‘Dedication’, with the, dare I say it, shinier and more rapturous ‘With Love’.

19 Jun 2013 | More

The Cannanes – ‘Small Batch’ EP

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I keep thinking their name is The Cannabis because it’s written in a puffy, smoke-like font. But I digress… Sydney duo The Cannanes are by no means rock toddlers, having been an “anorak pop” style band since 1985…

17 Jan 2013 | More

Kitsuné ‘America’ Compilation CD

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French label and fashion boutique Kitsuné has just opened its first preppy chic American outpost in the Flatiron district, and to celebrate, has released their latest comp, Kitsuné America, their first collection of strictly stateside tunes. Not every track is a keeper, but there are, god bless ‘em, more keepers than duds.

22 May 2012 | More

The Eastern Sea – ‘Plague’

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The Eastern Sea, a young and rising Austin act (SXSW 2011 Showcasing Artist), recently announced the release of its debut album starkly titled Plague, out June 26th…

15 May 2012 | More

Sleigh Bells ‘Reign of Terror’

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It hurt like going to the dentist, except that your dentist was Kanye West, except that Kanye West was produced by Crystal Castles, except that Crystal Castles has just revealed that they had been borne of the ashes and silt of the krautrock scene. My expectations and excitement were through the roof for this album, so it was easy to be let down (I was indeed). For all of the school-shooter imagery, the whole thing felt a little wrist-slashy…

21 Feb 2012 | More

‘WeAreTheWorksInProgress’ Japan Benefit Compilation (Sylvian, Maus, Dreijer Anderson)

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The particularly freezing, slow ambiance on display here will heighten your synesthesia, without a doubt. The tones bleed together like oils on an expressionist palette, and you see them moving towards an abstract canvas to create a vivid image of raw, if subdued, emotion. Curated with expertise, the fade is perfect…

9 Feb 2012 | More

Prinzhorn Dance School – ‘Clay Class’

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The cover art of Clay Class is a hint of the rich starkness inside. Cleverly named British duo Prinzhorn Dance School, (made up of Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn), delivers a visceral slice of life with a slick bleakness that hasn’t reared its head this seductively since the first days of post-punk. This isn’t a dig; I’m addicted.

2 Feb 2012 | More

Sentimentalist Magazine Calls Out Top Twelve Releases of 2011

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Why do the year-end lists always seem to come in tidy sums of ten, twenty-five, fifty, or a hundred? I would have gone and given you a baker’s dozen but I stopped myself at twelve, for fear of being overbearing. You know how overarching these lists can be.

26 Dec 2011 | More

Battle to the Top 5 Albums of 2011, Sentimentalist Mag Style

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2010 was so much better,” I said throughout 2011, despite posting Salem’s “King Night” on New Years Eve to slam the door on that horrible chapter. I started dead-set on only doing a top five for a year where I barely spun anything released more than twice, but then I looked through my downloads and saw a lot of heavy-hitters…

25 Dec 2011 | More