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Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson – ‘Self-titled’

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This Norwegian band isn’t content to slip a disc into a sleeve and slap on some clever artwork. Rather, they’ve published a heavily-illustrated hardcover book, with a one page story about puzzling the detective, to go along with their recent two-disc album.

14 Sep 2011 | More

Dom – ‘Family of Love’ EP

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“I smell youth culture,” exclaimed a twenty-something friend, surprised at herself for enjoying last Sunday’s mosh-em-up Death Set show at Jelly NYC’s Rock Yard so much. The same can be said for this EP, though it slides in with a louche kind of bratty playfulness rather than any aggro skater nose-thumbing.

9 Aug 2011 | More

Miri – ‘Okkar’

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Miri is a captivating, mainly instrumental quartet from Iceland that explores terrains of both the experimentally bombastic and meandering melancholic…

13 Jul 2011 | More

Arctic Monkeys – ‘Suck it and See’

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The jugular, rocks-off mentality of songs off the bulk of the last two Arctic Monkeys’ albums may be put into the sidelines on Suck it and See, but the Monkeys still maintain much of what made them a balls-out, crowd-surfing-worthy band from the onset.

7 Jun 2011 | More

Planningtorock – ‘W’

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Planningtorock, whose music is so mysterious and compelling that it’s preferable not to mention her day-to-day name in reviews, has always summoned an androgynous and otherworldy, brooding beauty.

18 May 2011 | More

Sons of Hippies – ‘A-Morph’ and ‘Somnambulist’

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Floridian alt-rockers Sons of Hippies blend dynamic riffs, impressive vocals and prog flourishes on their appropriately-named second album, A-Morph. Singer/guitarist Katherine Kelly has one of those enviable rock voices…

9 May 2011 | More

The Wombats – ‘This Modern Glitch’

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The Wombats are as wry and infectious as ever, but either I’ve outgrown them or their overabundance of “woo woo”-backed hooks have begun to wear thin. Added keyboard flourishes and bigger production details (courtesy of big guns like Rich Costey, Eric Valentine, Jacknife Lee…

26 Apr 2011 | 1 comment | More

The One AM Radio – ‘Heaven Is Attached by a Slender Thread’

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Artist/musician Hrishikesh Hirway creates lo-fi lullabies and sparse, landscape-oriented electro songs that meld with dreamy lyrics to would suit the smart somnambulist in you, or in Hirway’s case, the driven insomniac.

13 Apr 2011 | More

The Kills – ‘Blood Pressures’

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The Kills have always been a mixed bag. Not in a negative way, but, beyond style, a dedication to Warhol and Sedgwick’s explorations in art and artifice, a respect for Royal Trux, and the lo-fi tinged magic of extreme sexual tension, what did Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince stand for? What were they trying to say to each other, or to us?

4 Apr 2011 | More

The Berg Sans Nipple – ‘Build With Erosion’

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It would be hard enough to argue the artistic originality of a band whose curious name was created as the duo, (one French, one Nebraskan), were drinking wine in a French courtyard and came upon an anagram that ties them and their sonic idiosyncracies together to a T.

15 Mar 2011 | More